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          1. MARKETS
            • Supermarket retailers are continuously searching for ways to improve their score performance. Learn more about the challenges for this market and appropriate solutions.
            • Find out more about the challenges in the apparel & footwear industry. Our solutions help you to secure your merchandise from theft and reduce shrinkage.
            • Let customers interact with valuable electronics and secure these products at the same time. Discover more about this market by following the link below.
            • DIY and home improvement stores need to protect a wide range of products in different shapes and sizes. Read more about this industry and how Century can help.
            • Our products, systems and solutions help to protect various types of products in health & beauty. We help you to reduce shoplifting and to identify errors and/or fraud.
            • Century's Non-retail products are widely used in the global, apparel, logistics, healthcare, manufacturing, library and asset management industries.